The Hidden Potential of Kung Fu and Chinese Boxing

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Real Chinese Internal Boxing*, or Nei Jia Quan as it is called in Chinese, is designed to get you home alive. It is not designed for sport or for entertainment.

But there’s more to it than that. Much more.

One thing most people don’t realize is that these arts are not just for fighting. It is true that they were designed (if properly trained) to be very good and efficient at fighting, but that is only one aspect of the art. The fighting part is the most accessible aspect for some people, but it is only a small part of the full, hidden potential of the Chinese internal martial arts.

That is why Tai Chi, a martial art, can be adopted for health and fitness only programs. Even the Chinese Boxing system of Fujian White Crane (Fukien White Crane), which was designed for use in lethal combat and has little value in terms of life nurturing (Yang Shen), is still an entry point to higher cultivation.

The Chinese internal martial arts have health and spiritual components that far surpass their physical self-defense applications. The progression is this:

1)      Physical Discipline

2)      Mental Alertness

3)      Spiritual Awareness

That is why Nei Jia Quan can be one entry point to Nei Dan, or internal alchemy. All you need is a little Kung Fu, a great attitude, and an iron determination.

* Technically speaking, Kung Fu is not the correct name for Chinese martial arts. It means “skill obtained through hard work over time” or “time well spent”. Accomplished martial artists have “Kung Fu”, but then so do master chefs and great belly dancers.

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    i would also like to learn Tai-Chi but there seems to be no practitioner in our area~;’

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    my friend is a tai-chi master and he encourages me to enroll in his class~;,

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    i find tai-chi a bit harder to learn, but i am really interested in learning tai-chi:-~

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