Taiji Silk Reeling and Fa Jin Seminar

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Advance your Tai Chi with this special study of Silk Reeling and Fa jin. Session 1: Fundamentals of Silk Reeling … Read More

Wudang and Taiji Sword Class

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Wudang and Taiji Sword Class Learn the Legendary Wudang and Taiji Jian (sword), including the rare two person application drills. Many … Read More

Tai Chi Fan, Push Hands, and Applications

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Tai Chi Fan, Push Hands, and Applications Learn the the Taiji Fan Form, a dynamic and visually stunning set. You … Read More

Taijiquan Class

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Taijiquan Form Class Learn Taijiquan, the most widely practice Chinese internal art in the world. Taiji is known for its … Read More

Qigong Healing

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Qigong and Taiji are well known in China for self-healing and modern research confirms these healing benefits. Dr. Ted collected the … Read More

Taiji Sword Class

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Taiji Sword Class Learn one of the most coveted sword forms, the Taiji Jian. This class features the traditional Yang Taiji … Read More

Taiji in Key West

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Taiji for Health and Wellness The regular practice of Taiji’s smooth, continuous movements promotes the cultivation and circulation/regulation of qi … Read More

Yang Tai Chi Slow and Fast Forms

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Video comparison of Cheng Man Ching’s 37 Form or Yang Tai Chi (Taiji) shown slow and fast. The slow version … Read More

Yang Taijiquan Practice Guide

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Yang Tai Chi Chuan Traditional Forms and Weapons Audio Practice Guide MP3: Bilingual English Chinese A portable guide to the … Read More