Private Training

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Private Training in Taijiquan, Qigong and Kung Fu Thank you for your interest in our Private Training Program. Currently we … Read More

Advanced Healing Meditation

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Touched by the Tao: Classical Chinese Meditation This long playing CD uses advanced guided visualization and imagery to create a … Read More

Qigong Form DVD

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Eight complete Qigong practice sets to rejuvenate and transform your life. Order it now on CD Baby Available on … Read More

Six Healing Sounds Meditation

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Six Healing Sounds Qigong Meditation: Audio MP3 Buy Now at CD Baby! The Six Healing Sounds Qigong (六字訣 Liu Zi … Read More

Self Healing Meditation CD

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Three Treasures Healing Qigong Meditation: Audio CD This ancient Chinese Self Healing Qigong practice renews your body and spirit with … Read More

Sun and Moon Meditation CD

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Yin Yang Harmony Qigong Meditation: Audio CD An ancient Internal Alchemy practice using the Sun and Moon meditation to restore … Read More

Five Element Meditation CD

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Five Elements Qigong Meditation: Audio CD Guided imagery and visualization for rejuvenating the mind, body and spirit by energizing and … Read More

Heart Healing Meditation

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Kindle the Heart Fire: Audio MP3 Re-kindle the fire of your heart! This healing meditation for the heart uses guided … Read More

Qigong Forms and Exercises DVD Preview

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Video preview of the eight forms and exercise sets found on our Qigong Forms and Exercises DVD.


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Qigong (氣功, Chi Kung) is an ancient Chinese tradition of self-cultivation and healing. Qi is energy and Gong means work … Read More