Private Training

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Private Training in Taijiquan, Qigong and Kung Fu Thank you for your interest in our Private Training Program. Currently we … Read More

The Hidden Potential of Kung Fu and Chinese Boxing

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Real Chinese Internal Boxing*, or Nei Jia Quan as it is called in Chinese, is designed to get you home … Read More

An Honest Thug

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As a Kung Fu and Qigong teacher, you get to meet all kinds of people. One day I received an … Read More

Exporting Chinese Culture

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Generally speaking, the first part of any culture that gets exported is its products. It is pretty easy to understand … Read More

Internal Kung Fu

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Traditional Chinese Internal Kung Fu (Zhong Guo Nei Jia Quan), is also called Chinese Boxing or Energy Boxing. The term … Read More

Chinese Boxing

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Chinese boxing is the abbreviated translation for Zhong Guo Nei Jia Quan, which translates as Chinese Internal Boxing or Chinese Energy … Read More