Chen Tai Chi Chuan Class

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Learn the Original Style of Tai Chi Chuan and experience the physical benefits of this great art. You’ll see changes … Read More

Chen Taijiquan DVD

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Chen Tai Chi Chuan: Original Forms and Exercises DVD Learn the original form of Taijiquan which comes from the Chen … Read More

Chen Tai Chi Chuan Yi Lu 36 Postures

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Chen Taijiquan Yi Lu, First Form 36 Postures 陈氏太极拳老驾一路 (三十六式) from our Chen Tai Chi Chuan DVD.

Chen Tai Chi Chuan DVD Preview

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Video preview of our Chen Taijiquan DVD.

Chen Quanzhong

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Chen Quanzhong International Grandmaster of Chen Tai Chi Chuan Grandmaster Chen Quanzhong (陈全忠) is the most senior of the 19th … Read More