Simple but Effective Exercise: Post Standing

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Written by Yunmen Chanren  Translated by Cao Bin

Behind the Maitreya Bodhisattva in a temple, there always stands the Great Bodhisattva Wei Tuo, the Dharma protector. The standing exercise (Zhang Zhuang) that is derived from Wei Tuo’s life experience can help us eliminate obstacles both in body and mind, clear out meridians and veins, and maintain pleasure and health.

Practice tips:

Practitioners can adjust to a comfortable standing height according to their own body conditions, as the following photo illustrates. A minimum 15 minutes of exercise time is required. For advanced practitioners, they can bend their knees to 90 degrees that will enhance the effect. If can’t, lift the body higher little by little until you find your “limit” or extreme position, so that you can feel your legs tremble. This will also bring good effect.


Lift your hands above head while inhale.

Make loose fists and slowly drop your hands while pause a bit when your hands are in front of your chest, abdomen and upper thighs. Evenly exhale the breath in three efforts.

Start over and repeat the post standing exercise two more times.

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