Sun and Moon Meditation CD

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Yin Yang Harmony Qigong Meditation: Audio CD
An ancient Internal Alchemy practice using the Sun and Moon meditation to restore inner power.

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Sun and Moon Alchemy Meditation

The dynamic equilibrium between Yin and Yang is viewed as the vital force for life’s optimal functions. Using the essence and light from the Sun and Moon, this meditation balances the Yin and Yang energy in our body, and helps refine them to produce a purer form of Qi energy. This harmonizing and refining process leads to the build-up of premium Yang Qi within us, which eventually propels the opening and circulation within the Micro-Cosmic Orbit (Small Heavenly Circulation), a beginning sign of effective inner cultivation in Internal Alchemy (Nei Dan)

These meditation techniques use guided visualization and imagery which is ideal for beginners, but deep enough to provide a rich practice for advanced meditation practitioners