Elementi Eterni (Album) 《五行之永恒》

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Guitar virtuoso Ney Mello blends the ancient Asian Elements with contemporary Miles Davis electric Jazz beats creating this East-West trance infusion. The Chinese pentatonic scale representing wood, fire, earth, metal and water merges with electric guitar, African inspired percussion and Latin rain sticks. Track 4 features Jazz master Bobby Muncy on saxes and flute.

“Taking fresh ideas from timeless ancient concepts and scales, the music pours out of one’s inner self.” – Ney Mello

亚洲元素融入爵士节拍. 便有了这首《五行之永恒》。 代表木,火,土,金,水的中国五行音阶,融汇于非洲风格的打击乐和拉丁美洲的雨竹, 在吉他的跳动旋律中欢快舞动。

Elementi Eterni (Eternal Elements)

Track 1: “La Citta’ Della Bellezza” (The City of Beauty) awakens us to the beauty in our everyday lives.
Track 2: “Il Mare Eterno” (The Eternal Sea) calls us. We embark on our journey of self-discovery. The new world is fluid and dreamlike, yet electrifying.
Track 3: “Il Volo Della Fiamma” (The Flight of The Flame) brings passion and creatively for life. We undulate as we dance on the flames.
Track 4: “Track 4: “L’avventura Oggi” (The Adventure Today) awaits us. We’re ready to move and shake the new world.

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Elementi Eterni
Life transformed, created anew.
Fire and Water combine.
Essence of Yin and Yang forged in the crucible.
An ocean’s journey, we dance in the flame.


Performer: Ney Mello: All tracks, guitar, electric guitar, ukulele, drums, rain stick
Performer: Bobby Muncy: Track 4, soprano, alto, and tenor saxophones and flute
Composer: Ney Mello: All tracks
Producers: Shawn Cartwright and Yinong Chong
Engineering: Ney Mello, Carnaby 69 Studios
Cover Art: Judah Lynn
© 2014 TCCII Productions. All Rights Reserved.


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