Advanced Healing Meditation

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Touched by the Tao Meditation
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Touched by the Tao: Classical Chinese Meditation
This long playing CD uses advanced guided visualization and imagery to create a complete practice for those who are serious about their meditation. It is designed especially for self-healing and spiritual cultivation.

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This meditation is designed to activate and enhance the healing power inside you. Your healing potential is unlocked through five integrated sessions.

This meditation is long playing – it has as much as we could fit on a CD! Its designed to be a complete meditation practice. If you are serious about meditation, healing or spiritual cultivation, this CD for you. Our teacher, the abbot of a Taoist temple on Lo Fu Mountain, China taught these meditations to people with cancer, auto-immune disease, liver and heart disease and other serious conditions.

1. Opening: Adjust your posture, breathing, and enter a state of stillness. (8:08)

2. Sun and Moon Meditation: Use Secret Taoist Internal Alchemy to gather and cultivate primordial energy or chi. (10:15)

3. Five Elements Meditation: Apply Ancient Wu Hsing philosophy to balance and harmonize your organ energy, the force of our total well-being. (33:54)

4. Self-Healing Meditation: Sacred water, heavenly breeze and universal light are used as powerful media to cleanse and purify the body, remove mental and emotional blockages, and energize your entire being. (21:05)

5. Closing: Return to the state of stillness and properly end the meditation. (5.01)

Total CD Length (78:24)

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This is a combined volume of our Classical Chinese Meditation Series. It includes the most important elements of the guided meditations in one complete CD. If you are serious about your mediation practice, or prefer a single compact meditation, then this is the CD for you.

This CD features of the original artwork of Master Hongtao Li, a world-class artist, professional opera singer, and a powerful and compassionate healer. May his art and this meditation bring sunshine and healing to your life.

The CD Includes the essential parts of:
Volume 1: Five Element Qigong Meditation CD (Internal Organ Healing)
Volume 2: Yin-Yang Harmony Qigong Meditation CD (Internal Alchemy)
Volume 3: Three Treasures Qigong Healing Meditation CD (Self-Healing)
Six Healing Sounds Qigong Mediation MP3 (Mantra Sounds)