Price of a cleansing gel, does three jobs with one piece of thin paper

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 温和亲肤无刺激的婴儿级配方 * 瞬间感受如浴清泉般的盈润清爽 * 创造焕然一新的肌肤完美状态
No more bottles and tubes – a small pack of special “paper” does it all: make-up remover, cleanser and moisturizer.

HHA fengjiangzhi, make up removal


The beauty industry is anticipating this revolutionary product for some time now: a piece of thin “paper” at 0.01mm thick, at the price of a cleansing gel, but does three jobs in one:

  • Super convenient and compact make-up remover (no more bottles and tubes)
  • Clean thoroughly and gently (pH balanced, no tightness afterwards)
  • Moisturize with royal jelly, rose oil,  and other premium ingredients

“纸”为更便捷 :薄至0.01毫米,轻松收纳于随身包包内,即使是在办公室,或是在旅途中,都可随时随地让肌肤享受清清爽爽的泡泡浴。




【新品HHA蜂浆纸的创新性】 1⃣ 替代洗面奶、卸妆液、爽肤水、爽肤露等融为一体的产品。 2⃣ 纯天然,无添加,非常温和与安全,适合小孩、孕妇、男女老少使用,适合任何肤质,包括过敏性皮肤! 3⃣ 方便随身携带!(上飞机方便,她是一张纸不是液体) 4⃣ 价格亲民,大众化,从繁到简的洗护!

使用方法(How to use it):fit-for-a-baby-skin

  1. It’s so small it fits in your palm – but does all the jobs with simple grace.
  2. Pick 1-3 pieces, wet it, rub until foaming, gently massage face with the solution.
  3. Rinse off with water, or wipe off with cotton balls.




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