BioMat–a gem for relieving pains and stiffness

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Whether you’re a health practitioner or a home user, you can now own the healing mat based on Nobel prize-winning research!

biomat pro
( 购买紫英石红外线治疗床垫,请点击上图。Click on the photo to buy the product.)

With some investment in your own wellness, you gain unlimited access to this healing mat. This uniquely designed Biomat delivers far infrared rays all the way to the core of your body, offering temporarily relieve to pains and aches at different locations:

  • muscle and joint pain
  • muscle stiffness
  • joint paint associated with arthritis
  • muscle spasms and minor sprains
  • minor muscular back pain
  • cold hands and feet

By increasing local circulation and relaxing muscles, the Biomat has shown to provide relief with deep-penetrating far infrared rays and an influx of negative ions without leaving your home.

The BioMat Pro 7000 MX comes complete with a single control panel with variable temperature and time settings, quilted cotton cover, instruction manual and wheeled travel suitcase for North American orders or travel carry case for International orders.

The BioMat Mini is compact and extremely portable. You can put it on chair of a sofa, and even drape it over you lap.

( 购买紫英石红外线治疗床垫,请点击上图。Click on the photo to buy the product.)

The Amethyst Mini has a surface covered in alternating channels of amethyst and tourmaline crystals.

Much like the BioMat professional the Biomat Mini delivers deep-penetrating infrared rays and an influx of negative ions, which stimulate the body to temporarily relieve minor muscle pain, minor joint pain and stiffness, joint paint associated with arthritis, muscle spasms, minor sprains, minor strains, minor muscular back pain; and increase local circulation where applied; and relax muscles.

***$100.00 Discount for Health and Wellness Providers with Certificate or License is NOT included in the price. If you are a health and wellness provider with a certificate or license please select either the BioMat Pro with Professional Discount or the BioMat Pro Set with Professional Discount.

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