Interpreting the Ancient Codes of Internal Alchemy Guide

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interpreting-the-ancient-codes-2016-10-08-cover_page_01“Studying the classic Taoist texts is important for every serious student of Nei Dan. Our teachers transmit the methods of cultivating Ming (命) or Life, but it is up to us to cultivate our own Xing (性) or Nature. The classics not only connect us to our lineage, their richly layered imagery, symbolism, and seeming inherent contradictions assist us in cultivating both Xing and Ming. Through our efforts in personal transformation and diligent practice of the cultivation methods of our schools we transcend the mundane and progress ever closer to immortality (仙, Xian).”

Interpreting the Ancient Codes

Exploring the Classics of Taoist Alchemy
An Introduction to the Zhou Yi Can Tong Qi

1)      Introduction
2)      Interview with Fabrizio Pregadio
3)      Book Review of the Can Tong Qi
4)      Essay on Interpreting the Ancient Codes
5)      Resources for Further Study

Interpreting the Ancient Codes paper is available as a PDF download.




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