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Xing Yi Quan (形意拳, Hsing-I Chuan) is an internal system of Chinese Boxing based upon martial techniques, five element philosophy, and internal principles. The origin myth of Xingyiquan credits General Yueh Fei (岳飛) as the originator of this system.

Xing Yi Quan is part of our Internal Kung Fu Curriculum. It, along with Ba Gua Zhang and Xingyi Quan are considered the three “Sister Arts” of Internal Kung Fu.

The Xingyi we teach comes from both Hebei Xingyiquan and Dai Family Xinyiquan. The curriculum consists of Santi (Sancai is taught to intermediate students), Five Elements Fists, Animals, Weapons, Joined Hands, Sparring, Qigong, Neigong and many other fundamental drills.