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Wing Chun Kuen
Wing Chun (詠春拳, Yong Chun Quan) is system of Chinese boxing originally made famous by the late Bruce Lee. It is a system of Internal Kung Fu in the Southern Shaolin tradition, a family version of Fukien Boxing. Legend has it that Ng Mui, a Shaolin Nun, created an efficient, soft system of boxing. Ng Mui then taught this system to a young girl named Yim Wing Chun who used it to defend herself against the unwanted advances of a local miscreant. Yim Wing Chun’s success in this matter lent her name to art.

Our Wing Chun comes from Lo Man Kam, Yip Man’s nephew. Lo learned the internal, family method of Wing Chun from Yip Man in Foshan, China. Christopher Casey earned a full teaching license from Lo, the first he ever granted. The Yim Wing Chun curriculum includes three empty hand forms, butterfly knives, long pole, Mook Jong training, several Chi Sao methods, Kong Sao, and supplemental training.