Yuanming Zhang

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Grandmaster ZHANG Yuanming (张元明) was born into a traditional martial arts family at Mt Qing Cheng, a sacred Taoist mountain near the Tibet highlands. According to master Zhang’s own account, in this crossroads lied a “melding of culture” that blended Tibetan, Indian and Chinese traditions. “The best of these traditions was nurtured, refined, and passed along from generation to generation in my family lineage. For seventeen generations my ancestors all followed special practices, acquiring wisdom through the study of longevity, health and the mystery of our universe”.

Through this heritage, master Zhang was destined to have strong connection to this tradition. As a little boy, he used to sit with his mother and siblings doing needle work to support the family, but meanwhile, mother also taught them how to meditate with their legs crossed and breathing deeply. At age five, his grandfather took him to meditate in mountain caves which had been inhabited by tigers and panda bears. From his father, Yuanming learned energy fasting for days in time, during which only spring water was consumed to sustain life.

In the next few decades, master Zhang not only received intensive instructions from his family, but also studied with 24 masters and hermits who passed on to him their wisdom and teaching. Among them were illustrious experts in Chinese medicine, martial arts, Taoism, and Tibetan Buddhism. From some of these teachers, Zhang also became the lineage inheritor of multiple schools or practices.

From 12 years of age, Zhang began to travel with his teachers, helping them treat people. At 20, Zhang was hired by the army to train their Special Forces in martial arts and Qigong. From 1988, Zhang started devoting all of his time and energy to the research and teaching of Qigong. In 1991 the United Nations Qigong Society invited him to teach Qigong, and Zhang hence started his teaching and healing work in the US and around the world.


Later, during his teaching tours, master Zhang has consistently witnessed the benefits of Qigong to the humanity, and come to treasure even more the special cultural inheritance passed on to him. He also realized that even though Qigong originated from China, it should be shared with the whole world. His personal passion is to bring Qigong to the modern world, so that anybody, through study and practice, can be nurtured by this 5000-year-old cultural heritage.

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