Wudang Teachers

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Daoists from Wudang Mountain spend many years training Qigong, Taiji, and Kung Fu. The Wudang style has its own characteristics, having absorbed many other styles of martial arts from all over China.

Yuan Xuigang

Yuan Xiu Gang, Taoist name Shi Mao, is a 15th Generation Zhang San Feng Pai disciple and a Taoist priest. This lineage claims to date back to the 14th century when Zhang San Feng became enlightened by the Dao. Master Yuan has loved martial arts since his early childhood.

Born in 1971, he started basic physical training in Wushu at age 7. At 16 he studied Shaolin Kung Fu for 3 years. In 1991 in order to increase his understanding or internal Gong Fu, he went to Wudang mountain, the renown center of Daoism and internal martial arts. Master Yuan was fortunate to be accepted as a disciple by the great Master Zhong Yun Long. Since then, Master Yuan has been practicing internal Gongfu such as TaiJi, Qigong, XingYi, BaGua, and meditation.

Yuan has traveled over China and the US teaching Wudang kung fu. He currently runs a school on Wudang Mountain. He was featured in the film “Karate Kid” performing the Eight Immortal Staff technique.


Yunxiang Tseng

Yunxiang Tseng (called “Chen”) is a 25th Generation Longmen Pai Taoist Priest and 14th Generation Zhang San Feng Pai.

In 1990, he immigrated to the United States and now teaches Tai Chi,  Taoism and many Wudangs styles and forms. He has traveled extensively in China and the US and been featured on many shows and in magazines. His vision is to build a Taoist temple in Colorado.


Zhong Xuechao

Zhong Xue Chao (called “Bing”), Taoist name Shi Hao, is a 15th Generation Zhang San Feng Pai disciple and a Taoist priest. Zhong Xuechao began his training at age 6 under his uncle, Wudang Master Zhong Yun Long. Bing began his formal training under at Wudang Shan in 1992, after graduating from high school. He learned the original Wudang Kung Fu of many sects such as Eight Diagram School (Bagua Pai), Taiji School (Taiji Pai), Eight Immortal School (Baxian Pai), Form-and-Will School (Xingyi Pai), Eight Extreme School (Baji Pai), Xuanwu School (Xuanwu Pai), Wudang Taoism Regime and so on. In September 1995, he was selected as one of the first members in Wushu Exhibition Troupe of Wudang Taoism Association.

Bing has traveled extensively in China, Taiwan, and the US to promote authentic Wudang arts. In 2006 Bing moved to the US and began teaching classes and seminars in Wudang Kung Fu and Tai Ji.