Chen Xili

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chenxiliMaster Chen Xili is a 20th generation master of Chen style taijiquan. He teaches Lao Da Jia (Old Large Frame) and Xin Jia (New Frame). He has taught students in China, the US, and Europe. Master Chen is Vice President of the Xian Chen Style Taiji Association.

Master Chen Xili was born in 1960 in Xian in Shaanxi Province. He began his training at the age of six with his father, Grandmaster Chen Quanzhong. He began training with Chen Zhenglei (19th generation) in the 1970’s and has also trained with Chen Xiaowang (19th generation). Master Chen’s specialty is push hands, application, Qin Na, Fajing, spear, and double weapons. He has won several gold medals in National and Provincial Championships for his Tai Chi skills.