Yinong Chong

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Dr. Yinong Chong’s career spans across several professions.


Yinong Chong is a former journalist from China, a devoted health scientist specialized in public health communications, an avid multimedia producer, and a well-respected wellness educator. She does them all with passion and devotion.

In her 20 years of public health research, Dr. Chong conducted over two dozen epidemiological and methodological studies published in peer-reviewed journals or scientific meetings. She led the design, development and production of a series of highly successful education and communication products. These include CDC accredited online courses on National Health data. Widely used by researchers and graduate students around the world, this online course series earned her the CDC Innovation Award. Combining her communications background with public health expertise, Dr. Chong also led the development and production of a series of multimedia products to effectively communicate the agency’s mission and accomplishments. She won the Director’s Award from the National Center of Health Statistics for these productions. Recently, she is leading the agency’s efforts to explore data visualization tools for more effective and compelling communications to a wider range of audience.

As a wellness instructor, Dr. Chong pursued intensive training with several prominent TCM doctors and Taoist masters from China, and served as their interpreters in the past 15 years.  Now a certified Tai Chi and Qigong instructor, Dr. Chong teaches these ancient arts and concepts in a way that is relevant for today’s world. Her research expertise enables her to bridge the ancient teachings and modern science. Dr. Chong’s rare proficiency in Classical Chinese and ability to “speak English like a native” earned her great respect as a gifted interpreter of Chinese culture and philosophy.

wwii_75_anniversary_concertAs a founder of TCCII, Dr. Chong volunteers her time to serve as Chairperson of the Board. Under her leadership, TCCII produced numerous wellness products including guided meditation CDs, Tai chi and Qigong DVDs, and developed weekly classes and continuous education courses for healthcare professionals and the general public.

Dr. Chong earned a PhD in Sociology from Arizona State University, her MA in Journalism from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and her BS in English Literature from Beijing University. She also holds a graduate certificate in Research Methodology from the University of Maryland, and was a post doctorate fellow at CDC’s Epidemic Intelligence Service.

yinong-and-sun-yuebin崇艺农博士现任职于美国疾病控制与预防中心(CDC),从事公共卫生事业20余年, 着重关注社会行为和生活方式对健康与疾病的影响,发表过十几篇学术论文。 她曾担纲设计过荣获CDC发明奖的大型在线课程,对提高健康大数据的研究质量,扩大健康数据的使用率做出了贡献。 她目前主管大数据可视化的研发,尤其擅长引领跨学科领域的创新项目。

崇博士也是中国传统文化学院的创办人,十多年来一直用讲座授课和电子刊物《问道》杂志,孜孜不倦地传播博大精深的中华传统文化,并对中华养生智慧情有独锺, 曾在美国自然医学和家庭医生协会的年会里多次应邀作养生专题讲座。