Shawn Cartwright

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Shawn Cartwright writes, produces, and eats equally well with chopsticks or steak knives.

Shawn Cartwright: Executive Director

CartwrightTCCIIShawn Cartwright earned an MBA and BS in Engineering Science and Mathematics from Vanderbilt University. He completed additional graduate level coursework at the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health and is a published author in the field of strategy.

Mr. Cartwright founded TCCII to facilitate the congress of Orient and Occident through music, video, art, and training classes. He uses his understanding of classical Chinese internal arts and Western culture to build a bridge between East and West for his students. His many years of intensive training include the arts of Feng Shui, Yijing, Qigong, Taiji, Xingyi, Bagua, Wing Chun, Fukien White Crane and Internal Alchemy.

As a producer and writer, Mr. Cartwright uses written, audio, and visual mediums to share these ancient arts. He produces training DVDs, music and meditation CDs, whitepapers, and videos. His two feature length screenplays, HIDDEN IMMORTAL and TALISMAN SWORD combine his lifelong love of Chinese martial arts with a passion for storytelling. Like the archetypical forces of Yin and Yang, these two screenplays represent the opposing but complementary forces in all of us. His current projects include writing screenplays, filming videos, and producing music albums.

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