Momo Yuzuki

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MoMo means “Silence’ in Chinese, and it is her real name.

MomoYukuziMomo Yuzuki: Deputy Director of TCCII

Born in a beautiful city along the Yangzi River, MoMo was raised by her grandmother, who practiced Taoism her entire life.

MoMo went to Nanjing University at age 16, majored in Economics. Soon after graduation, she moved up north to Beijing to study Japanese language at Beijing Culture Language University; Meanwhile, she served as a translator and interpreter for Dr. HAO Zilin at his Traditional Chinese Medicine Institute.

In 1994, MoMo joined Asia Emergency Assistance International (AEA) to establish and develop a marketing/sales department for Japanese market.  She helped with the recruitment and evaluation of Japanese-speaking physician and staff. At AEA, MoMo’s responsibilities included not only advertising and public relations, but also doubling up as an interpreter between Japanese/English and Chinese speakers.

At age 26, MoMo was recruited as the head of Administration for Beijing Caledonia Language school. During her tenure there, MoMo managed over 60 staff members with diverse backgrounds in languages and cultures. At the same time, MoMo had the privilege to receive vigorous training from Language Solutions in London and became its certified Chinese instructor.

After moving to Los Angles in 1998, MoMo opened a after-school program teaching Chinese language and culture. Her communication skills and compassion to serve made her an active liaison and connector between Chinese Consulate and Family for Children from China (FCC).

While raising a young family with three children in metro DC area, MoMo has been teaching and directing Chinese programs for many private institutes.