Ryan Duffy

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RYAN DUFFY, has nurtured a life-long appreciation for the martial arts.  He began training in Chinese martial arts in 1991. In College he transitioned to Chinese Internal Kung Fu, learning Taiji, Wing Chun and other internal arts. During the late 1990’s he studied a Vietnamese form of Kung Fu called Thất Sơn Võ Đạo (Seven Mountains Spirit Fist) system.  Mr. Duffy returned to his internal boxing roots when he tracked down Shawn Cartwright to continue his studies in Taiji and Chinese Boxing.

Mr. Duffy holds a M.S. in Criminal Justice from Saint Joseph’s University.  He spent two years as a Probation/Parole Officer in Philadelphia, and four as a U.S. Capitol Police Officer in Washington, DC. He currently works for the Navy and is stationed in Key West, Florida.

Phone: 215-341-6581
Email: xiaotiantaiji@gmail.com