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Ms. Lihui Zhang is a renowned mezzo soprano, graduated from Shanghai Conservatory of Music in 1987. Zhang LihuiShe was under the tutelage of Professor GAO Zhilan and QIAN Huina. During her professional career as a solo singer and TV hostess, Ms. Zhang worked at the Guangzhou Art and Dancing Ensemble and also Hunan Television and Broadcast Art Ensemble.

She arrived in the United States in 1989 to study vocal music at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music in New York City. She is currently the choral conductor and Artistic Director of the famed Yellow River Art Ensemble in the Greater Washington area. Critics hailed her recital in August 2011 at the F. Scott Fitzgerald Theater an enormous success.

She has been a judge for many singing competitions for the Chinese American society.  She also received the “Most Popular Award” at the Final Stage of CCTV “Chinese New Year’s Gala” US Talent Hunt (2014) in Los Angeles.

Ms. Zhang has made numerous appearances on metro DC’s stages and has received raving reviews for her rich voice and performances.  Currently, she dedicates her time and energy to teaching vocal music at her own musical studio in Fairfax, VA. Lihui Children and Youth Choir accepts children 6-16 years of age, and they have become a children’s choir with most awards and competition titles in great Washington area. She also accepts adult students for vocal lessons at her studio. Lihui Youth Choir

youth choir Fairfax Location:
Pender Professional Center
3901 Fair Ridge Dr. Room 252 Fairfax, VA 22033

Tues 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM

For inquires please call: 703-982-0678; 703-975-3539,703-992-5421.

张丽慧, 大华府著名女中音,1987年毕业于上海音乐学院, 师从钱慧娜和高芝兰教授。1989年考取美国纽约布鲁克林音乐学院, 来美主修声乐。赴美前丽慧曾任广州军区歌舞团和湖南广播电视艺术团独唱演员兼主持人, 参加和主持过许多重大演出活动,演出足迹遍布多省市。

丽慧嗓音醇厚优美,音域宽广,艺术表演经验丰富,深受广大听众和观众的欢迎和喜爱。多年来活跃在大华府的文艺舞台上,并多次应邀为美国联邦政府亚太月及其他重要活动演唱及担任重要歌唱比赛评委,其中包括2012 -2016年《北京“水立方杯”海外青少年歌手大奖赛》大华盛顿赛区选拔赛评委。2013年和2015 年10月担任大华府两届《China Voices华府华声》歌唱比赛导师兼评委。2011年至2013年担任大华府春节元宵晚会艺术总监并应华府大专联的邀请担任了2016年“同心欢乐”元旦晚会总导演。

张女士目前是大华府地区黄河艺术团合唱指挥兼艺术指导。2011年8月在马里兰州F. Scott Fitzgerald Theater 成功举办了个人独唱音乐会。2014年9月参加CCTV《我要上春晚》北美选拔赛进入加州决赛并获“最佳人气奖“。2015年在大华府纪念抗战胜利70 周年《和平颂》音乐会上成功演唱了由张祥雨先生为丽慧量身创作的难度很高的声乐协奏曲“我的梦”。 丽慧住在维州Fairfax,目前在自己的声乐工作室执教声乐并担任“丽慧青少年合唱团”指挥。

Fairfax Location:
Pender Professional Center
3901 Fair Ridge Dr. Room 252 Fairfax, VA 22033
每周二 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM

报名请电:703-982-0678; 703-975-3539, 703-992-5421