YI Guofang (Sherry)

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A renowned soprano graduated from Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Sherry Yi taught as a vocal professor at her Alma Mata for years before coming to the United States. After earning her MA degree in Music from American Catholic University, Ms. Yi has being very active on all kinds of stages: she took roles in performances at the Kenney Center for Performing Arts with the Washington Opera, served as the first conductor and artistic director for the Yellow River Ensemble for 14 years, and was elected as the first chair of the Society for Overseas Chinese Musicians. Apart from her professional work, Ms. Yi has also been enthusiastically involved in SherryYicommunity activities, organized and participated in countless arts festivals and cultural exchange progrPotomac Youth Choirams. In addition, providing quality music education for children and youth has been a passion for Ms. Yi. Since 1990s, Ms. Yi has been offering group keyboard and singing classes at Chinese schools and private piano lessons to a very young and diverse population. She firmly believes that quality music education will enrich and benefit the children all their lives.

The Potomac Youth Choir
Weekly rehearsals held on Friday evenings 7-9pm Ashburton Elementary School, Bethesda, MD
To schedule an audition, please e-mail guofang88@gmail.com.

Potomac Youth Choir 2016Eligibility: Boys and girls (age 6 to 16) who have successfully auditioned;
assignment of groups will be based on age and singing experience.

Under the directorship of Ms. Sherry Yi, a renowned soprano from Shanghai Conservatory of Music, The Potomac Youth Choir is now open for audition. No experience is necessary and singers do not need to prepare a song in advance. Ms. Yi will run some scales and warm-ups first, and then the student may choose any songs familiar to him/her. Rehearsals are held at the Ashburton Elementary School every Friday evening starting September 21st.

The Potomac Youth Choir believes that all children and youth, regardless of socio-economic background, deserve high-quality music education, and singing is very much part of children’s nature. Our mission is to cultivate joyful spirits, self-esteem and confidence on stage through singing, and to provide progressive training on the voices and ears. We will select songs from the world suitable for this age group, and help students to appreciate various music styles through team work. Tuition is based on a sliding scale determined by household income and full scholarship is available to those in need.

Ashburton Elementary School
6314 Lone Oak Drive
Bethesda MD 20817
To schedule an audition, please call 301-28-9526 or e-mail pycc13@gmail.com.


The Potomac Youth Choir即日起对华府 6-14岁学生招生。The Potomac Youth Choir 旨在培养学生“快乐,自信,时尚,吾在舞台”的性情气质,演唱曲目均选自中外不同体裁的优秀儿童歌曲并严格训练学生的视唱,练耳,和基本发声。The Potomac Youth Choir 由经验丰富的裔国芳老师执导,每周五晚7-9点在 Ashburton Elementary School 分班练习。详情请电邮pycc13@gmail.com.