Winterize Your Home

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WinterWonderland_20160123Stay warm this Winter with these tips and tricks.

  • Replace the filter on your heating unit to protect your unit and help clean the air.
  • Set your thermostat lower when you are sleeping or leave the house. Investing in a good programmable thermostat can save you money on your heating bills.
  • Turn off exterior faucets and disconnect the hoses. Drain any remaining water to reduce the chance of freezing or burst pipes.
  • Set ceiling fans on reverse so they push warm air down.
  • Close crawlspace vents.
  • Have your fireplace inspected before you use it. Make certain the flu and vents are in good working order.
  • Have a professional clean and service your heating system.  Its easier (and warmer) to replace parts before they fail.
  • Check the caulking and insulation around doors and windows.