Feng Shui and Yi Jing Divination Workshop

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By popular demand, TCCII is bringing back Master Cui Jing for another Yijing seminar on Feng Shui and divination on March 25, 2017.

Following her well-received lecture last December, Master Cui gave TCCII students and friends a rare treat by lecturing on how to use Yi Jing divination for self-discovery. Afterwards, many seminar attendants got detailed yet very insightful Yijing readings. Since then, TCCII received many requests to bring Master Cui back for more in-depth Yi Jing training.

This March, Master Cui will offer expertise on how to use Yi Jing and Feng Shui to help understanding our health, wealth, career, relationships, and life’s mission. She will also offer basic Fenshui principles to help improving our living environment. The event will be held at the music hall of CCACC, and is free and open to the public.

Cui Jing is a well-respected and much-sought after Yi Jing (I ching)master in China.  As a child, she followed her mother’s example and recited Diamond Sudra everyday for many years.  As an adult, she spent 19 years in Wutai Mountain, and studied Buddhism, Fengshui and I Ching divination. Under the tutelage of Yijing master Xu Hua, Cui became a prominent disciple of Jiuhuashan School.  After decades of studying and practicing in Yijing divination and Fengshui geomancy, Cui becomes an accomplished Yijing master who served those in need with unique insight, and extraordinary skills and compassion.Now a well-respected Yijing practitioner for Fengshui and divination, Cui is a member of the International Yijing Research Association.

After the  public seminar, Master Cui will offer a 40-hour intensive training in April and May to those who want to study Yijing divination using Liu Yao forecasting method. Workshop time and location are listed below.

国际中国文化学院(TCCII)有幸请到正在华府省亲的崔静大师,于三月二十五日星期日下午三到五点,在美京华人活动中心的音乐厅,为我们诠释生辰八字里包涵的健康、家庭和事业有关的信息, 并介绍一些风水的常识。



崔老师是个大忙人,在国内想见上一面不是件容易事,因为总是不断有人请她去各地解读人生。在华府期探亲期间,她欣然同意TCCII 的恳请,分出团聚时间,与各位分享神奇的八字。大家莫错过这一机缘。

Public Seminar on Yijing divination and Fengshui

Saturday March 25, 2017
3:00 PM to 5:00 PM, Free and open to the public
(Recommended donation: $20)

CCACC, Music Hall
9318 Gaither Road
Gaithersburg, MD 20877


Yijing divination workshop

Session A: April 29, 30
Session B: May 13, 14
Yi Jing, Feng Shui, Ba Zi Astrology Class

Terms and Conditions

By registering for the seminar(s)/class(es) you agree to TCCII Terms and Conditions including a) Refund and Cancellation Policy b) Waiver and Release of Liability c) Emergency Medical Release and d) Photographic and Video Release

* Tuition includes a $40 non-refundable registration fee. 70% refund 60 days prior to start of seminar/class; 50% refund 45 days prior to start of seminar/class and NO refund 30 days prior to start of seminar/class.

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  1. Lisa Marie
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    Is this class in English? I can’t find any registration information, do you just show up there?

    • 艺苑农耕
      | Reply

      Yes, the class will be bi-lingual, and the registration form will be posted shortly. Please check back in a day or two for this retreat. We are having a free workshop On March 25, 3-5pm, at 9366 Gaither Road, Gaithersburg, Maryland.
      You may also reach me at 301-785-8337, Elaine Chong

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