Cui Jing

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Cui Jing is a well-respected and much-sought after Yi Jing (I Ching)master in China. As a child, she followed her … Read More

Chen Quanzhong

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Chen Quanzhong International Grandmaster of Chen Tai Chi Chuan Grandmaster Chen Quanzhong (陈全忠) is the most senior of the 19th … Read More

Chen Yang

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Chen Yang (陈阳) is a family trained master of Yi Jing (易經), Feng Shui (風水) and Chinese philosophy. Trained by … Read More

Yuanming Zhang

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Grandmaster ZHANG Yuanming (张元明) was born into a traditional martial arts family at Mt Qing Cheng, a sacred Taoist mountain … Read More

Chen Xili

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Master Chen Xili is a 20th generation master of Chen style taijiquan. He teaches Lao Da Jia (Old Large Frame) … Read More

Chen Bin

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Chen Bin is 21st Generation direct Chen family heir to the art of Chen Tai Chi Chuan. Born into the … Read More

Wudang Teachers

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Daoists from Wudang Mountain spend many years training Qigong, Taiji, and Kung Fu. The Wudang style has its own characteristics, … Read More

Steve Alsup

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In Memory of Steve Alsup, Sifu July 21, 1954 — March 19, 2019 Mr. Steve Alsup began his martial arts … Read More