Crazy People

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I recently got a question from someone asking advice on “How to deal with crazy people?” There are all kinds … Read More

Yang Tai Chi Slow and Fast Forms

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Video comparison of Cheng Man Ching’s 37 Form or Yang Tai Chi (Taiji) shown slow and fast. The slow version … Read More

The Hidden Potential of Kung Fu and Chinese Boxing

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Real Chinese Internal Boxing*, or Nei Jia Quan as it is called in Chinese, is designed to get you home … Read More

How to Start Your Training

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The scope of Chinese culture is so broad and inclusive; you might be wondering “Where do I start?” That’s a … Read More

Secret Recipes Compiled by a Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor

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Compiled by SONG Zhaopu, Translated by GUI Tao Each of the following recipes is the brainchild of a Traditional Chinese … Read More

Chinese Foot Reflexology

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Written by YU Ruoluan  Translated by Cao Bin Several years ago I became allergic to pollen and dust. One day … Read More

Simple but Effective Exercise: Post Standing

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Written by Yunmen Chanren  Translated by Cao Bin Behind the Maitreya Bodhisattva in a temple, there always stands the Great Bodhisattva … Read More