Chinese Sexual Alchemy

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Q: I’ve read some books on Sexual Alchemy. They say the Chinese Southern School of Taoist Nei Dan is based … Read More

What are the main parts of the Nei Dan teachings?

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Question: What are the main parts of the Nei Dan teachings? A: The Nei Dan (內丹) teachings usually consist of … Read More

Crazy People

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I recently got a question from someone asking advice on “How to deal with crazy people?” There are all kinds … Read More

Hey, is that Deepak Chopra in China?

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Once when we were visiting Beijing, China my interpreter and I received a call from one of our friends. Mr. … Read More

When is the Best Time to Practice Meditation or Qigong?

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One of the questions we often get, especially around the Equinox and Solstice, is “When is the best time to … Read More

Apollo Orchestra Concert

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CHURCH OF THE LITTLE FLOWER CONCERT SERIES presents THE APOLLO ORCHESTRA Stephen Czarkowski, Music Director   in Concert With Guest Artist Cho-Liang … Read More

WWII Memorial Concert MC Yinong Chong

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Yinong Chong as MC for the WWII memorial concert at Strathmore.

Mindfulness and the Qi of Money

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Cultivating practices that feed our body, mind, and soul are key to building and sustaining our families and communities, locally … Read More

Zhao Bi Chen’s Nei Dan

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Question: What is Zhao Bi Chen’s system of Internal Alchemy? Where did it come from? Reply: Zhao Bi Chen (趙避塵, … Read More

Yang Tai Chi Slow and Fast Forms

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Video comparison of Cheng Man Ching’s 37 Form or Yang Tai Chi (Taiji) shown slow and fast. The slow version … Read More

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