Private Training

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Private Training in Taijiquan, Qigong and Kung Fu While group training is more cost-efficient for most students to learn Qigong, … Read More

Internal Kung Fu

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Traditional Chinese Internal Kung Fu (Zhong Guo Nei Jia Quan), is also called Chinese Boxing or Energy Boxing. The term … Read More

Chinese Boxing

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Chinese boxing is the abbreviated translation for Zhong Guo Nei Jia Quan, which translates as Chinese Internal Boxing or Chinese Energy … Read More


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Qigong (氣功, Chi Kung) is an ancient Chinese tradition of self-cultivation and healing. Qi is energy and Gong means work … Read More


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Tai Chi Chuan (太極拳, Taijiquan) is a form of Chinese Boxing based on Qigong theory. It was created by General Chen … Read More


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Xing Yi Quan (形意拳, Hsing-I Chuan) is an internal system of Chinese Boxing based upon martial techniques, five element philosophy, and … Read More


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Ba Gua Zhang (八卦掌, Pa Kua Chang) is an internal system of Chinese Boxing introduced by Dong Hai Chuan (董海川, Tung … Read More


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Wing Chun Kuen Wing Chun (詠春拳, Yong Chun Quan) is system of Chinese boxing originally made famous by the late … Read More


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Fujian Bai He Quan (白鶴拳, Fujian White Crane) Fukien White Crane, Pai Ho Chuan (Fukien Bak Hok) is credited as … Read More


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Wudang Internal Arts are those arts claiming origins at Daoist Wudang Mountain (武當山) in China. This includes Wudang Qigong (Wutang Chi Kung), … Read More

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